Wafaa saw herself able to start a business that serves her and a lot of people at Suds village -Beba-Beni Suef Governorate.

She read an ad about ‘Alashank’ grant and she knew that the Egyptian Association for Educational Resources (E-ERA) would conduct a training program for girls on human resources, planning, marketing and project management. She applied for the grant and was accepted in the interview. She started the training which helped her to start her own dream project and to have a basic income for her and her family.

Wafaa says that the training helped her to look for a project idea and know that the pharmaceuticals and perfume factories need large amounts of onions. Thus, 50 girls and women from her village joined the work. Wafaa made agreements with some pharmaceuticals and perfume factories to supply them with ready- onion for manufacture. Moreover, she bought large amounts of onions from farmers and prepared them.

Also, Wafaa talked about her participation in the project ‘Alashank’ which helped her a lot in running her business skillfully. Besides that she learned negotiation techniques and good marketing of the products.

Finally, Wafaa advises young people not to wait for the job opportunity as future depends on projects and entrepreneurship. She says ‘my experience was an augur well which prepared me to develop my idea’.

On the other hand, the real opportunity for Wafaa was the trust, self-reliance and being sure of her capabilities. They are considered the most important factors of success in life.