The “productive girl” workshop was established in Assiut governorate at Abu Tig Center in Baqour village with funding from Sawiris Foundation for Social Development through the project “Mashro3na”

The Egyptian Association of Educational Resources has trained a group of girls in life skills, sewing and entrepreneurship training. After the training phase, 20 girls trainees were assigned to the workshop and 4 of them were selected, who are able to manage the unit financially and technically.

The unit management also conducted a study on the requirements of the surrounding community to ensure the marketing of products

And they have already produced (furnishings – large bed sets – baby bed sets – sofa sets – women abayas – blankets – children clothes)

The girls also created a Facebook page to market their products. They also made a list of the kindergartens surrounding them, which rely on uniforms for children and agreed with some nurseries to produce their own uniforms and distributed before the beginning of the school year. The unit is characterized by the cooperation of girls and their real desire to work and achieve a fixed income.

Afterward, they were trained on professional guidance to follow up on the relationship between beneficiaries and their co-workers and support them to face any challenges they may face and enhance their communication skills, effective negotiation and dealing with customer complaints.