The Egyptian Association for Educational Resources E-ERA has implemented the project ‘Mashro’na’, funded by Sawiris Foundation for Social Development, at Abo Teeg – Asyut Governorate. One of the training programs in the field of making cleaning detergents has been organized for a group of youth most in need at Abo Teeg in 2017. Amany is one of the trainees who participated in the program. She is a widow with two children at different levels of education and no pension after her husband’s death. She has successfully accomplished the training of making detergents, life skills and entrepreneurship. Amany has started working at one of the units specialized in making detergents, which the project has established at Abo Teeg. She has promoted for her products at stores and has become definitely in charge of manufacturing and marketing in the unit as she has developed herself through learning on Youtube, surfing the internet and making new formulations. Also, she has produced small amounts and distributed them on neighborhood with a simple profit margin.

In 2017, Amany was nominated to be a trainer at other associations and she trained other people on manufacturing of detergents in many projects and villages. And now she works independently in manufacturing of detergents and in training as well.