The Egyptian Association for Educational Resources (E-ERA) has implemented ‘Bokra Biki’ project, that’s funded by the Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, at Nidah village, Akhmim – Sohag Governorate. A hair salon training program has been organized and directed to a group of girls most in need.

Hanaa was one of the trainees who have participated in the program, dreaming of working in hair salon business. She has lived in a simple house consisting of two rooms, one of them was prepared to be a hair salon until she has joined the program which provided her with the training course and prepared the place in terms of tools and equipments. After a period of working, she could help her husband to build an entire floor suitable for accommodation, which ensures them a decent life. She has also developed the hair salon space. Now, she has a lot of customers who promote for her business. Four girls are currently working with her and Hanaa is seeking to have a beauty center serving her simple village’s girls.