Samra, Safia and Shaimaa, Egyptian women from a poor slum area in Ash Shobak village -Al Badrashin – Giza Governorate, they were housewives living near the health unit in Dahshur. Therefore, they knew about the project ‘Bokra Biki’ which was funded by the Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency. This project included training on some arts disciplines such as sewing and textile industries. They decided to participate in the project and they got a training course on life skills, entrepreneurship and sewing.

Then, they joined work at one of the workshops that the project established. After acquiring the necessary skills, they had a small project idea for tailoring and sewing. Samra had a small place at her house. Safia and Shaimaa contributed with part of the project capital and marketing. Thus, they had the chance to improve their economic circumstances. Now, they have a lot of orders from clients. At the beginning of the project, they had only one sewing machine but later on they have developed the place and have had three sewing machines to distribute work on them. Today, they sew brides’ bedding sets on demand.

Samra says that tailoring and sewing course has taught her an important career. She says ‘Now I feel my value. During one year, my living standard has improved as I have a good income. I could help my husband to spend on my children and ensure that they continue their education for a better life.