The nursery is located at Baqour village, one of Asyut Governorate’s villages, where E-ERA staff members were surprised to find a number of nurseries equipped for special needs children. It was clear that there is a high percentage of these children, but no enough trained teachers. It’s unfair for these children as teachers will be unable to meet the needs of children including care and academic level.

Therefore, the trainees have practiced a specific training approach ‘portage’ which is one of the most important approaches to develop the skills of children at early childhood. It’s applied on children with special needs from birth to the age of nine. The approach includes in detail the necessary skills for children and how the teacher can apply these activities and skills. The teacher also can evaluate the abilities and skills of children through this approach as it’s considered a reference for all teachers which fits with the needs of children.

After finishing the training, the nursery got the license of opening classes for children with special needs from the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Ms. Nagah, one of the nursery teachers, says that she and her co-workers have promoted for the nursery and thus encouraged a lot of people to apply for their children in the nursery. It’s considered a real achievement as parents perceived their children as burdensome.