The “Al-Mahamadah El-Bahareya” workshop was established in Sohag Governorate in Al-Mahamda El-Bahareya village with funding from the MSME. Through “Bokra Beiky” project.

The Egyptian Association of Educational Resources has trained a group of girls in life skills, sewing and entrepreneurship training. After the training phase, 16 trainees were enrolled in the workshop and 4 of them were selected, who are able to manage the unit financially and technically.

The Girls also managed the unit and conducted a study on the requirements of the surrounding community to ensure the marketing of products and have already produced (furnishings – large bed sheets – children’s bedsheets – men’s pajamas – women abayas – children’s clothing – curtains – women blouses – nurseries uniform – men’s T-shirts).

They also made a list of the kindergartens around them, which rely on uniforms for children and they agreed with some nurseries to produce their own uniforms and was delivered before the beginning of the school year

The success story here is that the girls have recruited a number of women to work (whom are in dire need of work because of their socio-economic circumstances but did not meet the criteria to be enrolled in the project either for lack of suitable educational qualification or lack of age requirement) and the graduates of the project trained them technically to help them in the work.