‘Al Hady for Pastries’ unit has been established at Sohag Governorate – Markaz Al Monshaah – Kom Badar village, and funded by the Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency through ‘Bokra Biki’ project.

The Egyptian Association for Educational Resources (E-ERA) has trained a group of girls on the life skills, pastry making and bakery as well as entrepreneurship as there is no pastry shop in the village. After finishing the training, the location has been prepared and equipped in terms of tools and materials to start the unit business. A number of six trained girls have joined it.

The unit produces all kinds of bakery and oriental pastries (konafa, basbousa, filo pastries, etc) and distributes them on shops and villagers. It also makes Eid products such as (sugar cookies, biscuits, ghuraiba and petit fours,etc) as well as it provides the break of the training sessions and meetings with its products.

In addition to that, the girls have prepared food for the break of the closing ceremony for three hundred individuals. They have also created a face book page to display their products and promote for them.