The unit is located at Asyut Governorate, Dayrout city, where a group of girls have been trained on how to make cleaning detergents. Furthermore, a production unit has been established, including seven girls and a shop has been rented at the entrance of the countryside (Al Houta village).

The Egyptian Association for Educational Resources (E-ERA) has provided the necessary tools and materials, under the project ‘Mashro’na’ which is funded by Sawiris Foundation for social Development, to start the business of the unit which has helped to find good job opportunities.

The project has helped in economic empowerment and has provided income for the workers of the production unit and thus raising the economic standard of their families.

Furthermore, the unit administrators have made a study regarding the society needs to ensure marketing the products. Therefore, they have produced (Pril liquid soap – white chlorine bleach – Downy – white dough – Persil gel – Dettol – chlorine bleach for colors) in addition that they have sold other products in order to increase income such as (carpet brushes – cleaning gloves – sponges – scourers and other tools).

The unit is characterized by co-operation among girls as they keep updated of the new detergent products and they keep learning new formulations to cope with market demands. They have also printed the unit name on the bottles, so that marketing becomes more effective.