Dr. Dalia Khalil

Dr. Dalia Khalil has professional experience in education, leadership, policy, NGO, and people’s diplomacy. She has a B.Sc. in economics from Cairo University, MA in quality management in education from University of Wolverhampton-UK, and doctorate in educational leadership from University of Phoenix-USA. In addition, she has a TEFL certificate from the University of California Santa Cruz. She is an Eisenhower fellow, Aspen fellow, and Salzburg Seminar fellow. Dr. Khalil is a passionate and professional educator and certified trainer serving youth, education, and development in Egypt, MENA region, and the USA.

Dr. Aliaa Khalil

Currently, Mrs. Khalil is working as an Assistant Lecturer at the Political Science Department at the British University in Egypt, and a PhD student at Cairo University. Mrs. Khalil is a holder of a M.A. in Political Science and International Relations with a special focus on Strategic Thinking and International Relations.

Mrs. Rasha Esmat

Mrs Rasha works as a director of The Cultural Center since 2015, formerly she started her career as a head of IT department since 1997 at Egypt’s Society for culture and development (ESCD) which is considered as one of the most important NGO’s in Egypt; she contributed to spread the culture of information technology in ESCD libraries and then in Egypt under the name: “IT clubs”. Rasha has special interest in non-formal education which helped her to join several courses and training workshops around the world. She studied at the University of Illinois in Mortenson center for library studies and finally awarded by telecenter.org foundation as one of the best 100 outstanding telecentre women managers worldwide.

Mrs Nafisa Hanem El Mahrouky

Bachelor of Arts

Dr. Hossam Fahmy

Professor of Immunology

Ain Shams University

Dr. Ahmed Gamal

Dr. Ahmed Gamal has worked with NGOs, local and international initiatives and programs in the field of civic education for 15 years. He has served several positions wih E-ERA’s management board since 2010. He is also a dentist and assistant lecturer of restorative dentistry in the British University in Egypt

Mr. Adel Hamouda

Director of the Office of the Under Secretary for follow-up and performance evaluation.

Dr. Hisham Wahaby

Professor of Political Science

American University in Cairo

Mr. Hisham Maher El Gazar

IT Director

Exxon Mobile Egypt