The Study Tour Program 2009

dsc003471The Center for Global studies (CGS) in collaboration with The Egyptian Association for Educational Resources (E-ERA) organized an exchange program for nine American students and two teachers from February 11th to February 24th, 2009.The main objective of the program is to develop bridges of understanding between the Egyptian and the American societies through Creating an open and healthy learning environment where the Americans learn about the Egyptians daily life, traditions, habits and culture through living with typical Egyptian families for two weeks, visiting old and modern places in Cairo and Interacting with different social classes. 
The program started with a welcoming reception at the American Embassy where they were given a short orientation about the services, types of jobs and information about the American Embassy in Egypt.The program included many tours around Egypt. They visited the Egyptian Museum, Pyramids, Islamic& Coptic Cairo, Khan El Khalili, Basysa and Alexandria. The Students had a one day visit to another school in Egypt called “New Ramses College”. The Egyptian students taught the Americans how to do an Egyptian Meal called “Koshary”, then they had a short Arabic class where every student was able to write his name in the old Egyptian language. Finally they played together some games and joint activities.

On the Other hand, the students made a lot of Community Service activities. They have been to St.Andrew‘s Refugee ministry where they knew more information about the refugees and played a football match with the children. The students also went to the 57357 Cancer hospital. They played with the children and joined them in a small party that was held in the hospital at the time of the visit.The Program ended with a farewell dinner.