The ECA Alumni Conference

IMG_0314The ECA Alumni Conference was  held on July 13 – 16, 2010 at the Grand Hotel, Stella Di Mare, Ain Sokhna. Following is a brief description of the conference and its objectives.

In collaboration with the ECA and the American Embassy in Cairo, the Egyptian Association for Educational Resources organized the ECA Alumni Conference. The Alumni Conference was an interactive venue for the teacher exchange grantees to meet alumnus across four different exchange programs, be able to give presentations on what they learned on program that would be beneficial for each other; attend lectures given by guest speakers (on Leadership, Globalization, Innovation); and engage in networking, planning, and possible collaboration for follow-on projects.


By the end of the conference, participants are expected to:

  • present a short presentation on their program in the US and how they integrated their new learning experience with their day-to-day practices
  • engage in round table discussion on best practices in their discipline
  • attend lectures on leadership, globalization, and innovation
  • participate in hands on workshops e.g. grant writing and report writing
  • take part in the special program meetings (each program’s alumnus are expected to meet to explore    possible future collaborative opportunities)
  • network and actively contribute to the conference and its participants

Target Audience:

An average of 120 alumnus from the following programs:

  • International Leaders in Education Program (ILEP)
  • Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP)
  • Teaching Excellence and Achievement Awards (TEA)
  • Partnerships for Learning – English as a Foreign Language Institute (P4L/EFL)

ECA presentation