Our Common Humanity

The Humanity Project is a nonprofit group based in the United States near the southern tip of Florida, between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The organization is dedicated to finding ways for people to work together for a greater good. The group does this by teaching cooperation and social connection as methods to solve problems in the world, with innovative programs for both children and adults.

The Humanity Project’s founder and president, Bob Knotts, visited Egypt for the first time in April and May this year, shortly after the revolution. He felt inspired to talk to so many Egyptians about that great moment in Egypt’s long history. But he also returned home with the belief that the two cultures needed to open a better dialogue – as people, as human beings. Now the Humanity Project and E-ERA have begun a joint effort to help accomplish this goal: a monthly blog and photo exchange. E-ERA and the Humanity Project believe that society on both sides of the sea can improve if more Americans and Egyptians understand that everyone basically is the same, whatever the religious beliefs or customs or culture. Each person is a human being. These blogs and pictures are about things that will help more Americans to see the human side of Egypt and also help more Egyptians to recognize the humanity of Americans. Future blogs for E-ERA will focus on the Humanity Project’s work to prevent violence against children, for example, and to teach adults how they can do more to help others. Humanity Project readers already are enjoying the first blog and photos posted on the group’s website by E-ERA. You can find it at this link: http://thehumanityproject.com/2011/09/07/shared-value-egyptian-style/. E-ERA’s executive director, Dalia Khalil, as well as E-ERA’s Sandra Nasr, are coordinating this exchange along with the Humanity Project’s founder. Both organizations believe sharing experiences in that way will allow more people in Egypt and the United States to bridge cultural differences and see that we are all one, a single humanity. (Find out more about the Humanity Project at www.thehumanityproject.com)