Non-Nuclear Peace Conference

JAM_ConferenceWednesday, September 22nd, 2010 was such a great day in which the “Non-Nuclear Peace” Conference has taken place in Kobet El-Ghory, ElHussein, Cairo. About 60 Egyptian students, from iEARN Egypt and ACCESS Program, and about 15 representatives to iEARN Schools, Ministry of Culture, E-era have attended the conference. Also, about 9 Japanese students and 4 representatives to iEARN Japan and Japan Art Miles Project have attended, too. The students made many presentations about peace and how can they achieve peace. Also, they showed 4 murals, 2 from the Japanese side and 2 from the Egyptian side, showing peace in the eyes of both students. At the end of the day, there was a cultural performed by the Egyptian students which really was amazing and the closing ceremony at the last. Have a look at the agenda and the photos of the day.