iEARN Egypt Capacity Building summer 2011

Event: Capacity Building Training

Period: From September 12th to September 14th

Place: Y Hotel, 74 Gomhuria Street, Ramssis, Cairo

Event summary:

  • First day: In the first, day we started with an ice breaking game to refresh the students and make us know each other better. After that, we gave a session on self-confidence, open minded thinking and perception differences. After the lunch break, we had a big game to decide on the goals for the next year and the hopes and dreams of students for iEARN Egypt 2011-2012, and also to confirm the iEARN spirit within each student. Afterwards we finished with a session on deep dialogue and dialogue steps and rules to help the students to be able to engage in effective dialogues.
  • Second day: In the second day, we started off with a Motivation video and feedback on the first day, then we gave a session on team building and effective teamwork.  Afterwards we gave the students a session on fund raising basics and rules. Then the students divided themselves on the different iEARN Egypt teams and meeting to put on goals for the next year. And then we closed the day off with a session on school visits and what to prepare and expect when making a school visit.
  • Third day: We started the day off with the students practicing on school visits and getting feedback on their performance and giving them some hints on presentation skills and body language. Then we gave a session on leadership skills and motivation skills. And then after the lunch break we gave a session on media with a purpose and how to use media to solve problems. After that we announced the team leaders and each team leader gave a short speech with their plans for the next year. Then we had a meeting of the projects team and setting off on our work in the next period regarding schools and projects. And we had a reflection from each member on the capacity building and their expectation for next year closing the day with a group photo.