iEARN Regenerate Camp


We’ve been working this past year on new modules to enhance the tracks we give to students and teachers incorporating new models that are offered by CSYN and trying to shake the dust off some of the old sessions that we have. From that point, came the name of the camp “iEARN Regenerate” which in a lot of ways describes exactly what we had in mind. The main theme of the camp was centered on social entrepreneurship and self-discovery. The first gave the students and teachers the tools to start on their own projects while the latter gave them the motivational boost they needed to actually put forward their first step. In the four days between 14th and 17th of August 2014 at pyramids park resort, they had a chance to get that experience through the “CSYN” and “iEARN Regenerate Camp”.

Around 50 students and 17 teachers had the chance to participate in the camp, not to mention the amazing OC who were all students as well. They all had a chance to get hands on experience about how the working relationship between teachers and students should be. Through our collaborative track between teachers and students, they were all working together as part of one team, which gave both parties a piece of the other’s mind. Other than the collaborative track we had two tracks, one for teachers and one for students. Ahmed Mamdouh “the CSYN country coordinator” was responsible for the teacher’s track, while Mohamed Issa “Head of schools team and previous LYR” was responsible for the students track and Ahmed Adam “Currend LYR” was responsible for the media and technology works through the camp. We were honored to have Dr. Dalia Khalil visit us and give sessions to the teachers during the second day of the camp, she discusses with them mind provoking ideas about education in the 21st century. We also had members of the OC supporting in both tracks academically.

And since there is nothing is as good as a fun day after intense and busy working ones, we through a little gig hosting “Watar” band and got both teachers and students involved in fun activities. They danced, sang and shared stories together. All in all, it was fund and intriguing for everyone. And from the feedback we’ve been receiving regarding people experience through the camp. It was enriching for many of them yet they felt sad because it was an experience they are going to miss. We’ve been getting calls and contacts from new teachers and students who have heard about the camp and wanted to join iEARN for next year. And that in itself is one of the goals that we wanted to achieve.