Humanity Project blog for E-ERA: February 2012

As January 25 arrived, the Humanity Project sent our best wishes across the sea to the citizens of Egypt. Like E-ERA, we are not a political organization but we do work to help as many people as we can to achieve their fullest potential. And so the Humanity Project shares your hopes for a free, open society in Egypt. This is consistent with our organization’s mission. Although the Humanity Project assists children in schools in the United States, we also have other programs that reach out to a wider audience. One of them is called PeacePage. We feel that it’s very important for humans everywhere to connect, to get to know each other as individuals rather than just as members of some group or country. That’s why we created our PeacePage, with help from E-ERA and nonprofits from every continent, including Antarctica.


PeacePage can be seen at this link: It has one very simple message – that every person on planet earth shares a common humanity. In other words, we’re much more like each other than unlike each other. We all crave respect, we all seek love, we all need hope. Despite surface differences of customs and culture and religion, each individual is fundamentally like every other individual. The video near the top of PeacePage explains more about this idea. Below that video, you’ll find photographs by those nonprofits as well as from private citizens in many countries. E-ERA and the Humanity Project, together with every group and individual involved with PeacePage, hope our common humanity shows through the photos on that page. Look at the expressions of the mourners after a funeral in Lithuania – they reveal a wide range of very human feelings about our mortality. Or share the joy felt by trusting young children as shown in the last photo on PeacePage, an image snapped in Hungary. We really are all the same. That human reality is in every photograph on the page, including E-ERA’s shot of a youthful man helping a woman to make a difficult climb. Human beings need each other and care about each other. All of us understand this at some level, though we may forget it too often. Like E-ERA, the Humanity Project believes that our PeacePage may serve as a valuable reminder.