Humanity Project blog for E-ERA: April 2012

In a South Florida neighborhood  near the Humanity Project headquarters, there is a bumper sticker on an old car. It reads, “Some Things DO Change.” To our organization, this seems a refreshing reminder during a time when it is so easy to feel discouraged. That bumper sticker surely has the right idea. Some things do change — many things. These shifts are visible all around us if we look carefully. Here in the United States, we have seen African Americans, Latinos and women gain a level of social equality that once seemed a distant hope. Now lesbians and gays, bisexuals and transgender people are slowly acquiring the same rights. Internationally, more countries enjoy greater democracy. There even are fewer wars in today’s world. Some things do change, truly. At the Humanity Project, we believe optimism about the future is a sensible attitude warranted by the facts. Like E-ERA, our nonprofit group is working hard every day to assist this positive social change. That work includes a powerful program that helps young children to learn about the importance of ending school violence. We also are creating an innovative approach to teen driver safety called “I Care!” – A new program we will describe more fully in a future blog. In our country, more teenagers die from car accidents than any other cause. The new Humanity Project program uses close friendships and positive peer pressure to encourage safe driving by these young people rather than the usual ineffective scare tactics. These are only some of the things the Humanity Project is doing to help move society in a more constructive direction. At the same time, E-ERA and other fine organizations around the world are creating their own programs, also with encouraging results. In the end we are all in this together, every human being interconnected with every other human being. And many good things are happening if we will only see beyond our personal disappointments and pain. There is a long way to go to improve life for many more people in the United States and around this planet, yes. To the Humanity Project, that simply means there is a great deal of work left to be accomplished. But as we do our portion of this work, the Humanity Project believes none of us should ever lose hope that we are making a real difference. To our organization, that bumper sticker seems very accurate: “Some things do change.”