Close Up Program

In collaboration with the US Embassy in Egypt, E-ERA implemented the Close Up program in 9 governorates (Cairo, Alex, Port Said, Beni Suef, Fayoum, Minia, Assuit, Qena and Aswan) which was an interactive opportunity between alumni from ECA Exchange programs and Access alumni and students. Close Up was an attempt to bridge the gap in knowledge, skills and attitudes between generations, programs, governorates and nations. It promoted the spirit of giving back, sharing experiences and learning from best practices.

Through peer-to-peer methods, Close Up volunteers (alumni ECA Exchange programs) shared with the beneficiaries (Access alumni and students) their technical and cultural experiences in the US, lessons learnt and personal reflections. Also, participants trained the beneficiaries on their areas of expertise or interests through the program’s disciplines (e.g. Technology, ICT, Leadership, Cultural Understanding, Challenges, How to Translate, First Aid, Educational Games, Diving, Trips to learn about the Egyptian Monuments and English Language learning and teaching).