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منحة مجانية لتدريب وتأهيل وتوظيف 1000 بنت مصرية

منحة مجانية لتدريب وتأهيل وتوظيف 1000 بنت مصرية تقوم الجمعية المصرية لمصادر التعليم بالشراكة مع جمعية نهضة المحروسة وماستر كارد والمؤسسة الدولية للشباب بتقديم منحة مجانية لتدريب وتأهيل وتوظيف عدد 1000 بنت مصرية من حملة المؤهلات العليا والمتوسطة بالمحافظات

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VOTE: Egypt needs your voice

VOTE: Egypt needs your voice Out of duty and love, true Egyptians will be eager to take part in the coming referendum on Jan. 14 & 15. Join us and make the difference you want to see in the future. Vote for Egypt. Referendum Website:  

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iEARN Egypt Program-January 2014
iEARN Egypt

iEARN Egypt STANDS was the opening ceremony of iEARN Egypt 2014 and the closing conference iEARN Egypt 2013 as well. It also celebrated iEARN Egypt continually supporting and advancing Egyptian youth and connecting them with their peers around the world for 15 years. The event was held on December 14th at one of the participating schools “Manaret Al-Farouq.” Despite the extreme cold weather, the event went smoothly and participation was high

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Alashanek Program-January 2014
Alashanek Program

Mr. Ibrahim Hamad, governor of Assiut honored Dr. Dalia Khalil, chairman of the Egyptian Association for Educational Recourses, for her efforts in supporting the women in Assuit through Youth Economic Empowerment: Alashanek Training and Development Initiative. The project targeted the whole development of 250 female youth (ages 18 - 29) for economic empowerment and employability across Assuit. E-ERA has successfully hold the closing ceremony of Alashanek

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