Monthly Archives: April 2012

Make a Difference on GYSD: April 20-22

On April 20-22, join E-ERA in making a difference through volunteering and joining a project to serve your community. Projects should be based on your community's needs. If you need to brainstorm on project ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us or join us on our different projects taking place during April 20-22. For more information about GYSD, please visit: GYSD letter to schools

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Humanity Project blog for E-ERA: April 2012

In a South Florida neighborhood  near the Humanity Project headquarters, there is a bumper sticker on an old car. It reads, “Some Things DO Change.” To our organization, this seems a refreshing reminder during a time when it is so easy to feel discouraged. That bumper sticker surely has the right idea. Some things do change — many things. These shifts are visible all around us if we look carefully. Here in the United States, we have seen African

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